2012 CR-Z Hybrid Coupe Launch

The all-new CR-Z hybrid coupe was first launched in Japan in February 2010. In less than a month, Honda has received orders more than 10,000 vehicles and by end of October 2011 more than 55,000 units were sold in the world includes USA, Canada, EU and other countries. The CR-Z is voted Car of The Year Japan 2010-2011.

The 2012 CR-Z hybrid coupe was unveiled to a large crowd at Happy Motoring Co Sdn Bhd showroom premises in Gadong on the night of 6 Dec 2011.

In his welcome address, Mr Loh Kok Sin, Managing Director of Happy Motoring Co Sdn Bhd said, although the petrol is cheap in Brunei, we introduce the CR-Z sport hybrid coupe for customers to have more choices and in line with His Majesty's government policy to encourage people to use high efficient vehicles.

The CR-Z is a unique new coupe that will change your perception of hybrid forever.

From the moment you are seated in the cockpit style seats and glance at the futuristic 3D gauge it's clear that the CR-Z is a car for serious drivers want to have more fun.

Its flexible 2+2 seat formation provides both an aerodynamic advantage to its athletic body, plus an airy interior. The one-touch-motion folding rear seats, designed to fold quickly and easily, significantly increasing storage space from 214L to 382L.

And while you can't help but have a good time with its agile handling and responsive 1.5L i-VTEC engine, the CR-Z uses petrol as little as 5 litres per 100km (Honda in-house test data).

It's all thanks to IMA (Integrated Motor Assist), Honda's clean and clever hybrid system and a special 3-Mode Drive System that tailors steering, throttle response and IMA assistance to your needs.

The CR-Z is the first Honda model equipped with a unique 3-Mode Drive System, allowing you to choose Sport, Notmal and Econ modes.

Depending on road conditions and what you want out of the car, you can switch between the 3 driving modes. So whether you're looking to maximise its sportiness, economy or find a balance between the two, your driving satisfaction is always at its peak.

Each mode has an intelligent light indicator reflecting your driving fuel efficiency.

In Sport, the speedometer ring glows red, while in Normal and Econ it glows blue.

And depending on how fuel efficiently you drive, the dial will start to glow green, helping you drive as ecologically as possible.

The CR-Z has the combined power output of 128 PS and a healthy 223Nm of the torque thanks to its i-VTEC engine and IMA system.

These figures, usually delivered by turbocharged engines, are impressive considering it's the first car to ever combine a 1.5L i-VTEC engine and the IMA system.

The electric motors boosts torque at low and medium revs, giving the CR-Z in-gear flexibility, while its 6-speed manual gearbox, the world first on a hybrid car, gives you maximum control over torque.

The CR-Z comes with a Euro NCAP 5-star safety rating and an abundance of safety features.

Apart from the standard six airbags, active headrests, ABS and Vehicle Stability Assist, the CR-Z has several additions to help prevent a collision and most importantly, keep you and your family safe.

Features like Hill Start Assist, which temporarily prevents the CR-Z from rolling backwards when you start it on a steep incline.

The G-Control (G-CON) body structure enhances self-protection as well as mitigating damage to other vehicles in the event of a collision.

CR-Z is the first Honda model launched in Brunei fitted with LED position light and shark fin antenna.

Other standard features include front fog lights, LED side turn mirrors, 16" lightweight alloy wheels, alloy/leather gear knob, module audio system, cruise control, automatic climate control system, jack knife key and instantaneous drive information with MID (Multi Information Display).

Members of the public are invited to the Honda CR-Z Roadshow held at the Mall, Gadong from 9-11 December 2011 (Fri-Sun) from 10am to 9pm

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